Dynamisch-Kontingentes Elemente System /// 2018-2021

In situ /// Sculptures, installations, performance ///  Dimensions variable

steel, UV-resistant foil, plastic tubes with drip system, water, sunlight, spruce needles collected at Vieil Armand, citric acid, lime, resulting: smell and metallic melodies, plant growing lamp, theater spot, mosses, marimo algae, algae, phytoplankton, zooplankton, casting resin, silicone, floor covering

Fondation François Schneider, Wattwiller (Hirtzenstein, Vieil Armand) /// Bunker facilities and outdoor area of the German-French Garden Saarbrücken /// Kulturverein Burbach /// Switch 2 Center for International Light Art Unna /// many more places 

Switch 2, Internationales Zentrum für Lichtkunst Unna, 2021

Artifical Landscape

Human Landscape

In a landscape ---
Saar-Kohle-Wald, Von-der-Heydt

Vieil Armand, Wattwiller, Frankreich